Church Worship Service

Sabbath School

Our first service is what we call “Sabbath School.” This is where members, newcomers, and visitors can have the opportunity to learn more about the bible in a classroom type format. Participants can share personal experiences and insight on how the teachings from the Bible have influenced their personal lives. This service begins at 10:00AM.

During our adult sabbath school program we have a children’s version of sabbath school where your children can learn from experienced teachers and staff about Jesus in a way they can understand. We offer classes for children from infants to high school age. These classes run during the same time as the adult sabbath school program.

Divine Service

Our Main Service begins at 11:15AM. This is our general session that includes praise and worship, personal testimony, stewardship, and bible based presentations.

Following our main service we offer a Free Fellowship Luncheon. We invite you to join us and enjoy the wonderful variety of foods prepared by our hospitality team and our members.

Afternoon Programme

Most afternoons we offer also an afternoon programme. We invite you to join our afternoon programme.

We hope that you experience with us is a positive one. We encourage you to keep coming back and participating in all the services & activities. Please navigate through the website for additional resources. We are not a perfect church but we do strive to practice the teachings of Jesus Christ in our everyday lives. We hope that by continuing to come week after week, that your personal relationship with God becomes stronger and more meaningful.