Stewardship Seminar

  1. Wednesday 26/9 19:00- 20:30
    Why the Devil Takes Visa!
    Why is returning a faithful tithe, and giving generously sometimes a problem? Could it be that our own high level of personal debt is the cause? This seminar includes help with personal budget planning.


  1. Thursday 27/9 19:00- 20:30
    Who Manages Your Life?
    What is the connection between Manchester United Football Club and Galatians 2:19-20?


  1. Friday 28/9 19:00- 20:30
    7 highly effective habits for successful local church Stewardship Ministries
    What are the vital ingredients to ensure members grow in faithfulness, and put GOD FIRST in their lives?


  1. Sabbath School 29/9 10:00- 11:15
    A bible study based on Romans 1:16-17, and how the beauty and truth of the Gospel, compels Paul to put God first in his life.


  1. Sabbath Divine Service 29/9 11:30- 13:15
    Generous God – Generous People
    A sermon connecting the wonderful grace of God for us through Christ, and the calling for His kingdom people live generous lives based on 2 Corinthians 8.

Free Lunch * Free Lunch * Free Lunch

  1. Sabbath Afternoon 29/9 14:30- 16:00
    Where is the Storehouse?
    Why do Seventh-Day Adventists so enthusiastically adopt the biblical principle of the Storehouse?

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